State War FAQ

2018-10-31 14:25:51

Q: Where is the entrance to the State War registration and battle interface?
A: You can access the State War registration and battle interface via the [War] - [State War] buttons in the main interface.

Q: What kind of event is the State War?
A: The State War is an in-game event that players can register for as an alliance. 6 alliances with similar power will be put into the same group to fight against each other.
Q: What determines an alliance's power?
A: An alliance's power is determined by the overall level of its members, members' HQ level, Honor and its performance in the previous Alliance War.

Q: What kind of scene will the State War use?
A: The State War takes place in a large-scale scene, simulating the national map of China in the Three Kingdoms period. It covers 250 famous cities. The big map is something like the picture below:

The country is divided into 7 states. Their locations are as follows:

Q: Is there any difference between cities?
A: Besides the difference in appearance, cities are divided into five stars according to their historical status, as follows

Q: How are cities distributed in each state?
A: The city distribution of a Lv.1 state is as follows:


The city distribution of a Lv.2 state is as follows:

Q: What are the rules of the State War?
A: Each alliance in a group will be assigned to a Lv.1 state randomly to occupy all 1-Star cities in it. Alliances will fight each other for cities. At the end of the season, cities conquered by each alliance will be ranked based on their star level. According to this star ranking, players will receive corresponding rewards.

Q: Who will be the initial owners of the 1-Star cities in a state?
A: The owners of these cities are decided by the Chief and Vice Chief of an alliance before they register for the event. An alliance cannot register for the State War unless the initial city owners are decided.

Q: How are 1-Star cities distributed in the initial state?
A: Before registration, 25 members from an alliance must be sent to those 1-Star cities.  
1-Star cities are distributed as follows:


The image above shows all 1-Star cities in a Lv.1 state. Among them, the green cities are the outer cities, adjacent to other states. The purple cities are the inner cities that are relatively safer.
The personnel deployment interface is as follows:

The Chief and Vice Chief only need to send members to outer and inner 1-Star cities. As for which city each member is assigned to, it will be random.

Q: A state only requires 25 members to garrison its cities. But my alliance has 50 members. What about the rest 25 members?
1.There is no need to send all members to garrison cities. You can choose members with higher combat power to defend cities.
2.Even if you don't own a city, it still won't affect the State War rewards as Honor belongs to the alliance.
3.It doesn't matter if you own a city or not since it won't affect your attack and counterattack chances.

Q: When can I change the initial city allocation plan?
A: You can adjust the personnel deployment before registering for the event or during the truce period.

Q: I heard the State War is different in the daytime and nighttime. Is it true?
A: Yes, it is true. In a match season, there are 5 days for battle. Each battle day is divided into different battle stages as shown below:

Q: What is the protection period?
A: It is a time period set to ensure that players have enough time to rest. During the protection period, players cannot attack or counterattack.

Q: What is the difference between daytime and nighttime?
A: During the day, any alliance member can attack a city. If your city has been attacked by other alliances in the daytime, all players in your alliance can counterattack. If the counterattack is successful, the city's ownership will remain unchanged. If the counterattack fails, the owner of the city will be changed.

Q: What are the rules for attacking others during the day?
1.After you attack others in the daytime, you will receive Attack Points based on the number of shields you break in the battle and damage percentage.
2.An alliance's Battle Points are the total Attack Points of the Top 5 players in the Attack Point Ranking after attacking a single city. If there are less than 5 players, then it will be calculated based on the actual number of players.
3.Tap [City] -- [Battle Report] to check each alliance's Battle Point Ranking. The alliance with the most Battle Points will become the counterattack target of the defending alliance at night. The other alliances will be unable to compete for the city.

Q: What are the rules for counterattacking others at night?
1.Only counterattacks are allowed at night. If your city has been attacked by other alliances in the daytime, all players in your alliance can counterattack.
2.The counterattack target is the No. 1 player in the Attack Point Ranking in the alliance with the most Battle Points.
3.The defending alliance's Counterattack Points are the total Counterattack Points of the Top 5 players in the Counterattack Point Ranking. Other players' points will not be counted. If there are less than 5 players, then it will be calculated based on the actual number of players.
4.When the overall Counterattack Points ≥ the overall Attack Points, the counterattack is successful.

Q: Can members without a city attack others in the State War?
1.Cities belong to an alliance. The alliance members are just defenders of those cities.
2.No matter if you own a city or not, you can attack and counterattack.

Q: When is a city's ownership decided?
1.The city's ownership is decided at 00:00 the following day after the battle.

2.When a city's ownership changes, it will be settled the following day and both sides will receive an email notice. It will also be announced in the State War channel in specific groups.

Q: If multiple players join the attack, who will be the owner of the city when the city's ownership changes?
A: The player who receives the most Battle Points from attacking this city will receive the city.

Q: Can I occupy multiple cities at the same time?
A: Yes, you can.

Q: How many times can a player attack?
A: Each player has two chances to attack every day and can only attack the same city. You should try your best to increase your Battle Points.

Q: How many times can a player counterattack?
A: Each player can only counterattack once per day.

Q: Can I counterattack for a neutral city?
A: You cannot counterattack for a neutral city. The No. 1 alliance in the Attack Ranking in the daytime will obtain this city.

Q: Which cities can launch battles?
A: No matter if it is a neutral city or a city of other alliances, if there is a road connecting it with your city, all your alliance members can attack it.

Q: Can multiple members from one alliance attack the same city during the day?
A: Yes. Players will fight independently. There is no need to wait for others to end the battle.

Q: Where can I check a city's star level?
A: You will find each city's star level in the State War interface.

Q: What is a headquarters? What is its function?
A: A headquarters is a special city owned by each alliance. The headquarters cannot be attacked.

Q: Can alliances form an alliance with other alliances? If yes, what is the benefit?
A: Yes, they can. After forming an alliance, the allies cannot attack each other.

Q: Where can I form an alliance with other alliances?
A: You can form an alliance with other alliances in the Alliance Ranking interface.

Q: How many allies can an alliance have?
A: 1

Q: Can the alliance relationship be terminated?
1.Yes, it can. The Chief and Vice Chief can apply to terminate the alliance relationship with their ally.
2.After making such application, the alliance relationship will be terminated at 00:00 the following day.
3.On the fifth day (last day) of a State War season, all alliance relationships will be terminated by the system.

Q: What is a State War flag?
A: After a season begins, every alliance will be given an initial flag, which will appear on all their own cities. State War flags can be used to distinguish the ownership of a city.

Q: Can the State War flag be changed?
A: Yes, the Chief and Vice Chief can tap the headquarters to set the special flag, which can be changed every season. Once changed, the special flag will replace the initial flag.

Q: Can multiple alliances select the same State War flag?
A: No, all State War flags are exclusive. They are on a “first come, first served” basis.

Q: What requirements do I have to meet to register for the State War?
1.There are at least 30 members in your alliance.
2.The Chief and Vice Chief register for the State War.

Q: Is the State War available all the time?
A: A State War season begins every other week. After a season ends, it will be closed for a week.

Q: How is a State War season arranged?
A: The arrangement is as follows:

Q: How many State War rewards are there?

A: There are three types of State War rewards. For details, please find them in the game.

Personal Reward: Send based on the personal ranking.

Alliance Reward: Send Based on the alliance ranking.

Participation Reward: Receive after each battle ends.


Q: What is the basis of the Personal Ranking?


  1. During the State War, the system will record the battle from which you receive the most Personal Points every day. Personal Points = Battle Points * the city’s star rating.
  1. Personal Points you receive every day during the State War season will be added together to get a total number. The higher the points, the higher the rank.


Q: What is the basis of the Alliance Ranking?


  1. After a season ends, the system will calculate the total stars of cities conquered by each alliance and rank alliances based on their star level. The higher the star level, the higher the rank.
  2.  If the star level is the same, then Personal Ranking will be used to determine the Alliance Ranking. The higher the alliance member's rank in the Personal Ranking, the higher the Alliance Ranking.
  3. When a season begins, all alliances have the same star level and they are ranked based on their power when they register for the State War.


Q: Where can I view the rankings?

A: There is a [Rankings] button in the State War scene. Tap it to view the Alliance and Personal Rankings.


Q: Are all State War group rewards the same?

A: Of all the groups in the world, the first third of it is called the gold group, the middle third the silver group, and the last third the bronze group. Rewards vary with groups.


Q: Can I check the State War rewards in the game?

A: Yes, you can tap [Rules] in the bottom left corner of the State War scene to check the State War reward description.


Q: Can I leave the current alliance after signing up for the State War and join other alliance’s State War?

A: No, if you join an alliance that has signed up for the State War temporarily, you cannot join the State War with it.


Q: If I leave my alliance and then join it again after my alliance signs up for the State War, can I still join the State War?

A: Yes, you can. But if the State War is underway, the city occupied by you will become neutral after leaving the alliance. When you return, the city will not belong to you or your alliance.


Q: If my battle time lasts from day to night and night to the protection stage, how will the battle be decided?

A: This battle will be considered as invalid.


Q: What does “!” mean in the Sand Table map?


  1. Your city has been attacked and your current points are not higher than the opponent’s. You must send people for a counterattack.
  2. Your teammates have attacked a city and your current points are not higher than the opponent’s. You must send people to continue to attack.


Q: Where can I claim the State War rewards?

A: There is a claim button in the main interface of the State War. You can claim them after the State War ends.


Q: I’ve forgotten to claim State War Rewards. How many days will the rewards be kept?

A: The rewards of the recent 12 seasons will be kept (including unlocked State War seasons).


Q: The Territory War has been upgraded to the State War. Where can I find Seal, Legend, Reputation and Exploration functions?  

A: You can access them from the alliance interface.


Q: How long will the avatar frames and skins (personal ranking rewards ) exist in the State War?

A: There is a time limit for all avatars, avatar frames and skins in the State War. They will be recycled before the next season begins. Please claim them in time.


Q: Can an alliance unify all areas in the State War?

A: No, the headquarters of all alliances cannot be occupied, so you cannot completely destroy an alliance. You can only suppress them.


Q: Is there any punishment if I lose the State War?

A: There is no winning or losing in the State War, but there will be differences in the ranking and rewards. Therefore, there is no punishments in the State War.


Q: How long will the State War Shop be refreshed?

A: The State War Shop will be refreshed when a season begins.