Q&A about the Mount System

2018-10-31 10:54:34

Q: What can be obtained after lassoing wild horses (without saddles) and famous horses (with saddles) in the Horse Market?
A: Catching horses without saddles successfully can receive a Mixed-bred, Warmblood, Half-bred or Blood Horse; Catching famous horses with saddles can receive corresponding Famous Horse Pages.


Q: What can pages do?
A: Pages can only change the main bloodline type of normal horses but cannot be combined into a famous horse.


Q: How can famous horses be obtained?
A: Currently, players can pair normal horses with the same quality and main bloodline in the Horse Market and purify the main bloodline. When the purity is above 100%, player can receive a famous horse with the corresponding main bloodline (Pair two orange horses for a chance to obtain a famous horse).


Q: What's the use of changing the main bloodline?
A: Players can receive desired famous horses quickly by changing their main bloodlines, since the main bloodline type of caught normal horses are random. Pages can be used to change the main bloodline type.


Q: What type of mounts are there?
A: Mounts are mainly divided into normal and famous horses. From low to high, normal horses can be divided into Mixed-bred, Warmblood, Half-bred Blood Horse and Persian Mare by quality. Famous horses can be viewed from the Famous Horse Gallery.


Q: What is the difference between normal horses with different qualities? How can high-quality normal horses be obtained?
A: Normal horses with higher quality have higher attribute growth range, HP and DPS bonuses. The mount quality is related with the purity of the main bloodline. After the purified main bloodline reaches the next rank, the mount quality can be improved.


Q: What effects can passive skills offer?
A: The mount system provides massive passive skills for selection. Every skill has its unique mechanism and effect, and can play a big role on specific occasions. The higher the skill level, the bigger the bonus value. The maximum skill level Is Lv.3.


Q: How do I raise passive skills?
A: 1. Tap "Skill Raise" in the Stable and put in a mount you wish to raise and a material mount to preview the overall skill level range after combining them.
2. It is recommended to use two mounts with a similar overall skill level to combine for a greater chance to improve the target mount's overall skill level.
3. When the target and material mounts' total skill level reaches Lv.8, then Requiem Stones are required to combine their skills.
4. If you wish to change the passive skill type, you can switch to the "Purify" page to change it with Taming Tokens.


Q: What is the difference between normal and famous horse skills?
A: Any type of normal and famous horse can carry 4 Lv.3 passive skills at most. The only difference between normal and famous horses is that famous horses can have exclusive skills.


Q: Can you make the planting operation easier in the Plough Land?
A: You can select an available crop icon in the Plough Land and drag it to an empty land to sow its seeds. The acceleration function will soon be optimized. After optimizing, players can use Ingots to reduce the crop growth time.


Q: What is the use of Taming Tokens and Requiem Stones?
A: Taming Tokens are used to purify mount passive skills, change skill types and the exclusive skill's release timing.
Requiem Stones are used to combine mount skills. When the target and material mounts' total skill level reaches Lv.8, then Requiem Stones are required to combine their skills.


Q: How do I upgrade famous horses' exclusive skills?
A: The exclusive skill level is affected by the overall passive skill level. When the overall skill level reaches Lv.1, Lv.9 and Lv.12, the corresponding exclusive skill levels, Lv.1, Lv.2 and Lv.3, will be unlocked, respectively.


Q: What is a mount's growth rate?
A: 1. Each mount has a growth rate, which determines the mount's HP and DPS bonuses.
2. Higher quality mounts have a higher growth rate, which will be generated randomly based on a certain range. Famous horses have a fixed growth rate of 3.