Razer Gold Channel Top-Up Promotion Event

2019-05-24 11:39:38

During the event, use Razer Gold (formerly MOL) for top-up on the platform to receive 50% Ingot rebates. This is only limited to the first top-up of each bracket. Don’t miss out!


Duration: May 27th - June 3rd
How to Join: Razer Gold Top-up Channel Only

Example: During the event, if you top up 500 Ingots through Razer Gold for the first time, you will receive 750 (500 +250) Ingots.


1. When the rebate reaches over 10,000 ingots, the maximum rebate will be 10,000 ingots.
2. If the value of the rebate is less than 10,000 ingots, 50% of rebate will be given.


1.During the event, only the first top-up of each bracket can grant you 50% rebates.
2. Rebates will be sent to the game within 7 working days after the event, and the amount of rebate cannot be included into in-game events.
3. During the event, please avoid joining the event in the periods that cross two days. In case of any disputes, the system time shall prevail


How to recharge with Razer Gold:
1. Click the floated icon and choose the "Recharge" buttone

2. Select the recharging channel and the "Razer Gold"

3. Choose the amount you wanna top-up and continue