Maintenance Notice

2018-11-01 11:12:50

Dear Lord,
Dynasty War’s international servers will be down for maintenance at 07:00 (GMT+8) on October 30, 2018 (Tuesday). The maintenance will last for 3 hours from 07:00 to 10:00, which will be postponed in case of special circumstances. The updated content is as follows:

[Hero Transcend]
Unlocked the Hero Transcend function for the awakened heroes "Two Qiaos". 
After the maintenance, awakened Two Qiaos will be available for transcending with Soul Stones and Transcend Stones.

[State War Optimization]
Optimized the match method: Before the update, the State War match parameters are related to the alliance members’ Headquarters levels, player levels, and State War results. After this update, the State War match will calculate the strength of players’ Heroes, Guards, Treasures, Seals, Mounts and Lords to improve match fairness.

[Mount System]
1. Added a new mount, Jade Lion. Players can capture the Jade Lion in the Horse Market to obtain the corresponding famous horse pages. After changing the horse’s bloodline and pairing horses, you can obtain a new horse. 
2. Added the function “10x Lasso” in the Quick Lasso panel, allowing players to obtain their desired famous horse pages quickly.

[Hero Rating]
Added the “Hero Popularity” feature in the Hero Rating system. Players can recommend, like or comment on their favorite heroes to increase their Popularity. The system will rank heroes based on their Popularity.

[Monthly Card]
Added new benefits for Monthly Card users, allowing players to raid mines and quickly pass stages in the Tale of Heroes for free.

1. Optimized the tip to refresh redeemable goods in the Holy Pool every week.
2. Added the “Fill All” function to the Horse Ranch. You can fill up empty seed queues for all plots being planted with one click, realizing quick operations.
3. Optimized the Troop Deployment interface: The interface will become more direct and easier to use.
4. When total Bounty Points are full, Bounty Points obtained by members afterwards will continue to accumulate and be reflected in the Point Ranking.
5. Optimized the skin model resources of Mortred Zhang Liao God's Warrior.

[Bug Fix]
1. Fixed the bug that card avatar turned gray and the active switch button was still displayed when Two Qiaos died in the process of switching skills.
2. Fixed the incomplete player information problem during the audition of the World Tour.
3. Fixed the problem that the time of using “Resupply” in the Troop Deployment section didn’t match with reality in particular cases.